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West Atlantic AB (publ) to redeem all outstanding bonds under its SEK 500 million bond loan


In conjunction with an issue of new bonds by West Atlantic (theCompany”), as communicated in a press release dated 9 December 2015, the Company has elected to exercise its option for early redemption in full of its currently outstanding SEK 500 million 8 per cent senior secured bonds 2013/2018 with ISIN SE0005133360 (the “Previous Bond Loan”), and has given notice of this to all bondholders under the Previous Bond Loan.

The redemption of the bonds under the Previous Bond Loan is expected to occur on 30 December 2015 (the “Early Redemption Date”). The Record Date for the early redemption will be 21 December 2015, and the bonds will be redeemed at the Make Whole Amount (including accrued but unpaid interest), amounting to approximately SEK 1,080,029 per bond (based on today’s Swedish Government Bond Rate, the final amount will be established in connection with the Early Redemption Date) (Record Date and Make Whole Amount as defined in the Previous Bond Loan). The Company’s notice of early redemption is irrevocable and governed by Swedish law.

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Notice of early redemption 

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