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West Atlantic announces second B767 aircraft enters service


West Atlantic are pleased to announce that a second B767 has successfully entered service under a multi-year agreement with a Global Integrator. The aircraft is the second to have been supplied to West Atlantic by Cargo Aircraft Management, a division of strategic partner, Air Transport Services Group.

Operated by West Air Sweden the aircraft (SE-RLB) joins its sister ship (SE-RLA) which entered service in April this year.

West Atlantic has further secured commercial terms for a third B767 aircraft which is scheduled to be deployed in Q1, 2016.

"We have been delighted with the performance of our first 767 and, with the arrival of the second, we’re further delivering on our commitment to ensure that West Atlantic continues to meet a growing demand for efficient outsourced medium widebody freighters in our core EU market” – says Gustaf Thureborn, CEO and President.

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